There is no need to explain why a 360° virtual tour of property totally makes sense when it comes to selling a property. This one moment, when you look out of a window or you see the sun rays in the living room: this “WOW – I want this place – moment” can be achieved before the potential buyer has even set foot in the house. Thanks to Virtual Reality!

The real estate market has come a long way in regards to selling properties. From Pre-digital times, where short ads in newspapers and analogue catalogues were the states of the art, to online market places, with extensive descriptions and plenty of pictures. Virtual Reality is a new milestone. It has already increased the sales numbers of real estate drastically and will continue doing so. According to Goldman Sachs, Virtual and Augmented Reality will reach $80 billion by 2025.

So far so good. But how do you integrate a 360° virtual tour into your website? And how exactly does it increase your conversion rate?

Ways to integrate the 360° virtual tour into your real estate website

There are different visual options for integrating 360° virtual tours into your website. Each of them providing different levels of intensity in regards to the immersive experience of the visitor.


Using the frame option provides a very immersive experience. The potential customer sees only the object on the screen and is not distracted by other content. A good condition to get the “WOW -moment”. Check out the example below of how the frame option looks on a mobile device

Prompto 360° virtual tour embedded in a frame


Using the full width of your browser instead of the frame-option has the advantage, that the experience can start straight ahead once the potential customer entered your website. Meaning no active decision is needed, the visitor is rather gently pulled in to the experience. You are using the full width of the screen, but in contrast to the frame option, there is other content on the screen which might be distracting.

Hosting the 360° virtual tour on your real estate website

How does it look like on a real estate marketplace?

On a real estate marketplace, you need to integrate the web link to the ad information. How the 360° virtual tour is then displayed also depends on the marketplace itself.


How to use real estate 360° virtual tours on social media

Social media networks support 360° virtual tours and photos giving you the opportunity to attract new clients in an interactive way. If you have in mind the overload of content everybody is consuming everyday, a virtual tour can be a real thumb-stopper.

On Facebook

On Instagram


How to use 360° virtual tours on WhatsApp and other messengers?

Whatsapp, Messenger and Telegram are growing more popular every day. According to Nielsen’s Facebook Messaging Survey, 67 percent of mobile messaging app users said, that they expect to increasingly use messenger apps for business communication over the next two years. The main advantage of messenger apps is that you can choose to have a ‘One-on-One’ chat and create a personalised message. Or you create a chat group to share a property. This way everyone in the group can give feedback and share their thoughts. Example of how a 360° virtual tour looks shared on WhatsApp.

How to get leads from the virtual tour?

  1. Conduct a property viewing in real-time by capturing visitor data through Mailwall integration. Meaning that visitors, who want to move into the virtual tour will have to identify first in order to continue. This gives you the possibility to see, who is watching your tour and to react accordingly.
  2. Chat function – sales can engage and communicate real time with the viewers by using the chat function.

How to set up a 360° virtual tour of your property?

1. Customize your property virtual tour

Principal functionalities of 360° virtual tours that different apps offer:

  • A 360° walkthrough tour with hotspots to move into the property
  • Name of every hotspot
  • Image style & easy photo editor
  • A thumbnail per tour (for your tour gallery)
  • Logo & custom branding
  • Icons for points of interest
  • Experience details e.g. music
  • A short description of the property in different languages
  • The exact location of the property on the map
  • A floor plan view and information about the decoration materials
  • Contact info of the sales agent
Examples of editing functionalities

2. Share your 360° virtual tour

You have two different options when it comes to sharing your virtual tour. But first, find the “share” option and copy the tour URL or embed the code.

  • Embed it in your website: Send the code of the 360° virtual tour to your web developer to insert it in the code of your website either it’s a WordPress or another builder. Or insert it yourself. For each website builder, you can find specific plugins (WordPress’ example) that are directly embedding 360 virtual tours.
  • Share via WebLink: Send a WebLink to your clients per email, WhatsApp or Facebook messenger. The WebLink is also used when publishing a property on a marketplace.

After the success of our 360° virtual tours app for existing properties, Prompto decided to develop a 360° virtual tours feature for not-yet-built projects. Find more here!

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Thank you!

Lina, on behalf of the entire team.