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Selling real estate in times of Lockdown

Are you ready to sell real estate during the lockdown? Find tools and tips to help you succeed and continue growing.

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Trackuity, THE Real Estate Marketing Lead Generation Optimizer You Can’t Live Without

Once a visitor has shown interest in a property, our smart algorithms get a first idea of what the user might be looking for. Then, the customer is prompted with relevant properties, which leads to better and more lead generation. Trackuity makes the real estate marketers’ life easier and more fun, enabling them to steer to get exactly the results they’re after.

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How to Grow a Startup With a Tight Budget

Running a startup is not a walk in the park, especially when you are on a tight budget. Pieter Van Hoorne and Wannes Vanspranghe, Co-CEOs of Around Media, know all about it. In the interview that follows, they share their experiences, explain why perfectionism is not something to strive for, and reveal how communication and transparency have made the company grow.

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Real estate landing pages, the complete guide

For a family from a close by city it would be a nice weekend escape and for an elderly couple living further away it would be a good investment. Your landing page is the continuity of your advertisement

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Change the season and time with Prompto | Why natural light matters?

Knowing that real estate marketing campaigns are usually running for more than a year for a new built project, it makes sense that you have to capture leads in the Summer but also in the Winter. Using the same images at all seasons is tricky.

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FinTech leads the way for PropTech

FinTech leads the way for PropTech

Traditional, hardly digitized, opaquely, complicated and not very customer-friendly. The whole finance sector has changed in only one decade by FinTech: In three clicks you send, exchange or request money via your smartphone. What can the real estate sector learn from the finance industry?

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