When presenting your property, you want to showcase the strengths and qualities that make the property the right fit for your buyer. You want to inspire and draw them in until there is no more doubt left that this is where they'll live or work happily ever after. Knowing that real estate marketing campaigns are usually running for more than a year for a new built project, it makes sense that you have to capture leads in the Summer but also in the Winter. Using the same images at all seasons is tricky.

Feature in development with Prompto

So how can you tell a story? 

The real-time rendering technology of Prompto allows personalisation at a depth and a speed that wasn't possible before. And even more so, the resulting 3D walkthroughs provide an immersiveness that's unsurpassed. So let's talk about light. Natural Light.

If your property is on the equator, you'll get that typical high sun. In the Northern countries, you have the everlasting light of summer. Your large open windows give you a splendid view of your surroundings. The pristine white walls brighten up the living room. The summer sun builds positivity and energy in your home and your family. The winter sun throws soft light on the wooden surfaces while the snow paints the landscape blue and white. Light matters.

For us it doesn't matter if you live on the equator or high up in the North: with Prompto, we merely need your property's actual address to provide a lifelike simulation of the sun and the seasons. The virtual time and date are in your hands. Simply use the sun slider to see the sun move across your space in all its glory.

Your home is facing south, it looks like you'll be waking up with sunlight on your face and joining a brightly lit breakfast table. Your apartment is facing West? After a long day's work, you can see the setting sun from the balcony, winding down with a glass of wine in hand...

With this virtual sun system in Prompto, you ultimately tell a story, "a day in the life of your property". A guaranteed instant "WOW" every time.

Are you ready to let your property speak for itself?

That’s it for today. We hope you found some interesting things. Interested in a demo? Let us know. Got some feedback? We’re always interested to hear from you here!

Kim, for the Prompto.com team