Wannes Vanspranghe

Wannes Vanspranghe


When selling a house that is still under construction, it means you are selling a dream. Customers need a lot of imagination to envision how their new home will look, this is where the power of 3D images comes in.  By using 3D, you can show them a version of their dream house. Convince the customer that whatever they are buying will be qualitative and beautiful. 
However, you can only show one version of that dream to everyone. A snapshot of how coming home could feel.

You can customise everything when buying new sneakers, but when it comes to real estate, you only get to see 1 version and leave the rest to your own imagination. 

Because of the nature of 3D images, creating different variations is costly and takes time. Everything needs to be re-arranged, re-designed and re-rendered. A process that you will have to repeat for every version you want to show. So we usually stick with that one, generic version. Because everyone likes the same things, right?

“When we walk into a shoe store, we see hundreds of different versions of the same object, a shoe. You even have to option to completely customise your sneakers to your own preferences! But when it comes to buying a home, a much bigger decision, we all get to see the same, generic version.”

Everyone the same?

Not everyone wants to live in a catalogue for high-end furniture. However, these are the kind of interiors that are sent out in the world when you are communicating with the customer.
When you are selling apartments of 1 million euro’s or more, the design needs to be premium. But that won’t be the case for 98% of the market. Your customers won’t have the money to spend another 6K on a coffee table when they are buying their 80m² apartment.
When you are serious about customer centricity, about putting your client first, you need to adapt your message to whomever you are trying to reach.

Price isn’t the barrier, 1 in 5 consumers are expressing an interest in personalised experiences and are willing to pay a 20 % premium

-Deloitte study-

Everyone is different.
Age, culture, gender,… It all affects what people like and what they need.
What if you could change the apartment you are selling to fit your customers wants and needs? Offer them a personalised approach without spending a fortune on 3D images.

Well, you can…

With Prompto you can change homes and offices to whoever is in front of you.
Advantages of giving this creative freedom are:

  • Upsell opportunities
  • More trust
  • Better customer relationship
  • Less discussion during delivery

When it comes to being customer-centric, the use of the right tools will make sure that it is affordable

Choose to be customer-centric today