…or how to successfully target different customer groups.

Today we want to discuss why it’s so important to have an excellent and relevant landing page. As every landing page is for a different market with different problems, relevancy is a bit more complex (and needs an article on it’s own). For now, let’s stay more general and talk about the landing page itself.

Purpose of the landing page

A landing page is a follow up to a promise you made via channels like social media, AdWords or an advertisement. It’s your visitor’s next step on the journey to becoming a customer. The attention of a potential buyer was caught by your message, and they now enter your sales funnel.

The goal of the landing page is to have a visitor to leave their personal details. This gives you an opportunity to find out if they are actually a qualified lead. You either continue to invest in the relationship or you or you send them a thank you email, and terminate the relationship.

Tailor it to your target market

You have approx 4 seconds to persuade someone to stay on your landing page, so the sales copy has to capture their attention quickly. Landing page copy is written in the same way as an advertisement: one message for one audience and one call-to-action.

Your landing page is the continuity of your advertisement

Let’s look at a couple of examples.
A real estate company currently has two big projects.
The first one is in a suburban Flemish region and would be suitable for young professional couples or young families.
The other project is in the south of Brussels and ideal for those from the European Commission or real estate investors.
These are two very different audiences and their messages need to be written accordingly.

Another example would be an apartment on the coast.
For a family from a city close by, it’s a nice weekend escape, but for an elderly couple living further away it would be a good investment.

Sales copy for the family: “Are you longing for space for the kids to play and also time for you to recover from city life? Take a look at our family escapes by the sea!”

Sales copy for the elderly couple: “Looking for a safe, but beautiful investment? Perhaps something to pass on to your grandchildren? Schedule a visit to one of our seaside escapes.

Your landing page should speak the language of your market, be personalised and deliver a message tailored for your ideal customer.

Landing page for 2-3 bedrooms apartments in London, CTA Read More.
Landing page for real estate investors in London, CTA Get full details.

To be remembered: one message for one audience and one call-to-action. A landing page is designed to get people to take the one action you want from them so there should be no other distractions from that action.

Real Estate Landing Page V’s a Real Estate Website Page

Concept: The message on all landing page should be easy to read, on point and should tell a personalised story tailored to your audience.

Text: There are a few rules you should keep in mind in order to get the best result:

  • Create engaging copy tailored to your audience.
  • SEO keywords are very important. Distribute them throughout your article in the same order you want to score in PPC advertising and also include them in your title.
  • Make your content specific to your audience.
  • Keep it brief and on point.
  • You don’t have to talk about everything. Carefully choose things that will resonate with the readers.

Visuals: Visuals should be chosen according to the audience’s aspirations, style and taste. For example, when you order your 3D visuals you can request to have the property decorated in different styles for different target markets.

Prompto interior visualisation for different audiences

CTA: When it comes to the “Call to Action” clarity is key! Keep the following in mind:

  • Make your CTA button stand out.
  • Wording should be tailored to the audience. For example for Millennials you might use “Take a look” and for retirees “Schedule a visit”.
  • One link is preferable. You can give a second choice with a link to the real estate project website, but visually, this link must appear as a second choice.

Speed: It is key that the landing page appears first eg. in a Google search. You want your page to appear organically without paid advertising therefore you have to ensure a good SEO score. To obtain that, the loading speed of the page is key. Make sure your landing page is loading fast. Check it with Google PageSpeed Insights and ask your developer to bring it up to speed.

DO’S and DON’TS | How to use the landing page to boost your real estate marketing


  • A/B test: For each real estate project test 2-3 landing pages. For example, test 2 for each audience and see which message or visuals resonate best. Then redirect all your advertisements to the best performing landing page.
  • Measure the performance: Check your conversion rate. How much time are visitors spending on the page? Don’t optimise the page too often as the Google algorithm detects this and it indexes the page as new content.
  • Create a unique landing page for each different audience
  • Write an eye-catching headline
  • CTA: Don’t hesitate to put the CTA everywhere – there can never be enough!
  • SEO & PPC advertising: The Google algorithm for AdWords PPC also evaluates the relevance of your page. A specific landing page aligned with an ad will score higher than a product page would. SEO keywords will make your page appear more frequently when people are using search engines.


  • Don’t share your different landing pages in the same way. Promote them on different platforms according to your audience
  • Don’t send visitors away from the page, so don’t use a header.
  • Don’t make it complicated, keep it to a minimum of steps.
  • Don’t explain everything about the real estate project. Avoid distractions and stay on point.

Are you already using landing pages? How do they convert?

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Thank you!

Lina, on behalf of the entire Prompto.com team.