Gain insights into your portfolio like it's

Centralize all your real estate data. Communicate and collaborate through one easy-to-use platform and get a helicopter view of all your real estate investments.

Prompto promises 3 things that will make your job a heck of a lot easier:

Our 5 step process

How does Prompto work?

We help you manage your real estate assets by centralizing and digitizing all your projects. Within the Prompto ecosystem, you'll find every tool you need to make managing your portfolio future proof.


Together we gather all relevant data

During an extensive onboarding, we centralize and digitize your entire asset portfolio's projects, units, plans, prices, surfaces, specifications, rental prices, rentability, photo's, technical specifications, energy certificates, materials,

Creative support

We build your digital Twin

Our creative team creates a digital replica of your entire real estate portfolio. We scan your buildings (interior/exterior), generate floor-and unit plans using our very own artificial intelligence algorithm that recognizes relevant features and translates this raw data into one easy-to-navigate 360 representation of your portfolio.


You invite your stakeholders

The intuitive DIY platform allows you to invite different stakeholders with different access rights. This way everybody has the very same source of truth. By granting different levels of access, you ensure your precious data is safe.


You track and adjust

Prompto declutters the data and provides a clear digital overview of the status of your portfolio making it easier to stay on top and make the right decisions.

Customer support

We are there for you!

customer service blablabla



It's not just the easy DIY technology that makes Prompto unique - it's the seamless customer journey it enables that makes us the only choice for REIT's big and small.


One Prompto

Flexible pricing to match your needs.
Prompto offers multiple digital solutions for investment trusts big or small under one trusted future-proof roof.


€ 7.5 / active unit
€ 75 Too cheap to mention here
  • Single Source of Truth for Media & Documents - Real Estate CMS
  • Centralized Unit management
  • Prompto Showcase & Editor
  • Basic Analytics
  • Unlimited Media uploads
  • 3 users


Small Team
€15 / active unit
€150 / unit slot
  • Everything in "Essential" plan and:
  • Unit Types
  • Sharecode Management & Tracking
  • Company Portfolio View
  • Customization Showcase menu’s
  • Customization colors
  • Acces rights: assign agents to specific projects
  • Unlimited Workspaces
  • Unlimited Users
  • Hubspot Integration


Large professional Team
€30 / active unit
€300 / unit slot
  • Everything in "Business" plan and:
  • Limit Access through sharecodes
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Customization - Showcase menu's
  • User roles & Permissions
  • Industry Reporting
  • API connection
  • Premium Support

Don't just take our word for it

Our members are our first priority and we keep them in mind with every decision we make. Hear what they have to say.

Digitizing our real estate portfolio gives us a clear picture of every asset, enriched with relevant data.

Daniel Nagib VP Asset Management

We've seen a huge improvement in efficient collaboration between our marketing & sales teams.

Isabelle Rombouts Sales Manager

Everyone is using Prompto to showcase their real estate projects. That changed the game for us.

Wouter Dekemel Head of Commercial B2C

Frequently asked questions

Unsure how it all works? Hopefully our quick FAQs can help you out!

There are 2 main factors, the amount of active units and what feature package you choose. Active units x package price = total price.

Every unit that is actively being sold counts towards the total amount of units in your billing. So if they're "available" or "in option" then they will be counted. If they are "new" or "sold" then they will not be counted.

Well for starters, the yearly billing gets you a 2 month discount!
We also calculate your active slots a little bit differently.

If you choose the monthly package, the total amount charged at the end of the month will automatically be calculated based on the active units.

If your choose the yearly package then you choose a fixed amount of slots to fill in with active units. Once you reach your limit, you will either have to buy more slots, or inactivate some older units.

No, we believe in the value of Prompto. We recommend you to sit down with one of our experts to see how we guide you through the process!

Unlimited? Unlimited!!!
With Prompto, you can centralize your whole portfolio easily. You get an unlimited amount of projects, with unlimited media storages & unlimited inactive units.

Furthermore, you are not limited to only your active projects. Your old & upcoming projects can be added without extra charge, giving you a complete portfolio overview.

You can upgrade, or downgrade, at any time! Whatever fits you best.

When you downgrade, the new price will apply on your next renewal date.

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