Around Media is based in an amazing Brooklyn-style warehouse space very close to the Ghent central station in Belgium. Our office is huge, with a lot of light and free space – and so much potential, which we did not use (yet!)…

“Let’s turn this place in some real inspiring office” one of us dropped, while Wannes and Pieter – the CEOs of Around Media and Prompto – were in a meeting. The idea to refurbish our office spread like a wildfire through the team. A Slack Channel was immediately created and more than a hundred messages exchanged on office refurbishment within the first hours.

Our inspiration-ping-pong ranged from the Google office in Zurich, where you get from one conference room to another by using the fire pole or the slide, to the Comvert office in Milan, set in an old movie theatre with an indoor skate bowl. All kinds of materials and furniture styles were discussed – the engagement rate on Slack was beyond and unseen.


BEFORE the office makeover
AFTER the office makeover

But the most important thing was to do it when Wannes and Pieter were not in the office.

Scroll down for watching the video of their reaction!!!

Before it was time for the surprise though, we had several challenges to face:

  1. How to integrate all the different ideas?
  2. How to make our ideas match our start up budget?
  3. How to implement and build all of our ideas in only 48hrs?

Solution: Work like a team! Discuss, compromise, call to action and get things done together!

Our to-do list for the following 48hrs:

  • put two gigantic visuals on the wall
  • set up a pool table
  • add some jungle feeling with tropical plants
  • create small work + relax corners
  • build 11 working + meeting corners
  • build three meeting rooms
  • build one main conference room
  • create a brainstorm area
  • create a reception

Our plan was almost blown, when our CEOs cancelled last minute a business trip. But we pulled through and asked them kindly, though determined, to work remote for two days. And so the magic began: The next 48 hrs were filled with amazing team work, hard labour and with a lot of fun. Take a look:

Noémie Benoit, CMO of the company: “We wanted a place to live, to meet, to work in a relaxed atmosphere. Alone, together in different settings and made by all of us.”

48 hrs, 22 m2 iron reinforcement structures, 35 m2 block boards, endless hours of kärchering, cleaning, hammering, drilling, two injuries and some BBQ later – it was done! We had a new fantastic office – made by all of us:

Take a look at our BEFORE and AFTER slideshow:

Etienne, Unreal C++ developer: I really liked the experience of renovating our office. We were all hard at work, helping each other out. It felt great to be part of it. There was so much to do in two days. I actually didn’t think we would finish in time, but we did it and the result is very impressive.

We gained way more than just a new (and extremely awesome office). Our office refurbishment made us grow even closer together as a team. We saw each other from different perspectives, worked with colleagues from different teams, talked about everything but work, learned to trust in each other, became part of something bigger – and created a work space for ourselves, which we love, which we are accountable for and, to be honest, which we are really proud of.

One Team, One Goal!” is the motto of our CCO Erik Driehuis, “and we certainly made that happen with the Office Makeover last week.

The best is till to come though! Check out Wannes and Pieter’s reaction, when they saw for the first time what the Around Media/Prompto team achieved:

Around Media/Prompto CEO’s reaction

Special thanks to Namgrass, sponsoring us with some artificial grass for in the greenhouse and our client Contesse, which tiles we were allowed to reuse after scanning.

A very special thanks to our whole team for the will, the hard work, and the fun to make this happen!

We look forward to creating lots of great things from the new office. We will keep you posted on the progress of our journey.

Best regards,

Noémie, on behalf of the entire AroundMedia/Prompto team