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Wannes Vanspranghe


How much does a 3D image cost?


Great 3D images will help you sell your projects, there’s no doubt about that. Images can be used to show your projects to customers before it is even built, which will give them more reassurance they have made a good investment. On the other hand, they can also be used for potential customers and this way, it will make your projects sell faster. 



But 3D images are not so easy to create, it takes certain artists to generate these images. They have to take into account every little detail. From lighting to materials and camera angles, it all needs to be perfect. 

The search for the right people to work with. 

Every 3D artist has its own style, so looking for the right one to work with can take a few tries.

When looking for the perfect artist you either have the choice of working with a company or with an individual artist. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. While you will have a more consistent look with an individual artist, you will likely have to wait a lot longer in comparison to working with a company. These are considerations you will need to take into account when making this decision.

If it comes down to price, there is little to no difference. The main factor to determine the price is the quality that is needed. 

High quality = More time = Higher price

There are no real differences between individual artists and companies.

Prices of images vary between countries, but they are mostly within this price range:


Low – Quality: 250-450 euros / image
Medium – Quality: 450- 700 euros / image
High – Quality: 700-1300 euros / image


Extreme / special kind of images* : 1300 – 5000 euros / image

*Cost can go up when a low number of images is ordered. Due to all the work that has to been done to achieve this one image. When you order a lot of images, the cost will be spread over all the images.
Just like with brands, you sometimes pay extra to work with some “premium” companies.

Eventually, everyone finds the right artists to work with. Just keep in mind that it can take 1 or 2 projects to really have a good connection with your artist.


The hidden cost  

Most companies know the real cost of images and are able to get a good offering that will hold up in most cases. 

73% of all visualizations are created within the budget that has been approved.

Because of the stable prices, you will likely get your images within your budget. But sometimes going over your budget is inevitable, this might be due to communication flaws or because the price for the creation of the 3D model isn’t agreed upon upfront and is created with an hourly rate. 

But there is one cost that is never taken into account: internal working. Because 3D images need to be created on professional computers, they have to “render” several hours and then have to be send through to you, the customer. But it doesn’t stop there: every change, every corrected mistake takes time and a lot of going back and forth. 

A rule of thumb to calculate the complete cost of a 3D image is adding an extra 15 % to every image, regardless of the quality.


This means that creating high quality images you are looking at a cost of 805 – 1495 euros / image. In a regular project that requires 8 images, you have an extra cost of 840 – 1560 euros.


To reduce the cost of the images, we have to look at new ways to reduce labour and communication. So when looking for that perfect partner, check out the ones that communicate well and have systems in place to reduce the cost on your side.  

Prompto was designed with the following idea in mind ‘How can we reduce the labour and cost of our 3D images without having to lower the quality?’. If you would have the choice between 1 medium quality image or a complete real-time walkthrough of your project where you can change everything as much as you want. What would YOU choose? 
This way creating a personal style for every customer becomes possible and affordable!

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