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Frequently Asked Questions

What are units

Units can be houses, appartments or offices. Whatever you are selling, we can make sure you can show it.


Do I have to create my units myself?

You can but you do not have to. Hire your favorite designer and let him or her do the designing work for you. The result will be waiting for you in Prompto.


Do you offer support?

We offer a wide range of support. Whatever your needs or skill level. We have tutorials, use cases, how to’s, webinars and a working knowledge base. These will show how to use the software. If you are still stuck we can offer for you services as well.


What is Prompto Viewer?

The “Viewer” is a tool for the end customer. Its where they get to see their photorealistic home. They can walk around it. Experience it. See what the space is like to live in.


What is Prompto Studio?

Prompto Studio is where you create your designs from Scratch.


How do I get started?

If you want to try Prompto to create your own projects just give Prompto for designers a try. When you want to see how magic it can be to have all your cares taken from you and you just reap the benefits: Let our people contact you and guide you to the best selling experience on this planet.

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