In these challenging times, reaching your potential customers is more important than ever. The market has been turned upside down and adjusting to a new reality is needed more than ever. There are many guides with tips and tricks out there that will help you to succeed in selling online. But what about the tools? Can you stay within one toolkit to measure, distribute and close deals, or do you have to look for several instruments, scattering your tasks across different places online?

To help you out in your search, here is an overview of the different Prompto elements that can help you to continue selling.

Prompto 360

Screenshot from the Prompto 360 platform

The Prompto 360 platform helps you communicate about real estate in a very easy to use package that manages your 360° tours. You can use it both with existing and non-existing real-estate,and it is packed full of features like a mail wall, compelling statistics, chat and many more.

Existing real estate

To create a virtual tour of your property, all you need is your phone or tablet and a 360 camera. To create a virtual tour you just need to download the Prompto360 app (you get the link when subscribing) and connect to a Ricoh Theta camera. Since we support all Theta cameras, you can choose yourself which one you want to use and how much you spend on the camera, prices range from 200 € to 999 €. The higher the price, the better the quality, of course, but for the platform, it does not matter which one you choose.

These features are always included:

  • Mail Wall: Want to make sure you know which customers are visiting your properties? Make them sign in before they enter. Signing in can be done with Facebook, Gmail, Linkedin or just by entering their details. You will find all visits under the Lead tab in your 360 management portal.
  • Statistics: See how many times your tour has been opened and from where, so if you send it to a customer, you know when they opened it, giving you an insight if they are interested or not. If you embed the tour on your website, you'll see statistics on all who have entered your building.
  • Chat: Since you are not physically there to answer questions, people can chat while being in the application. They can point out exactly where they have questions about, and you can answer them in your own time (or if you are online anyway, in realtime)
  • Information spots: Provide additional highlights by adding information spots. Add extra photos, handy URLs, and even videos to help your customers make the right decision. It will give them a great feeling of trust and will save you time.

Yet to build Real Estate

What if your building doesn't exist yet? You can't take pictures, or videos when you have no building to start with. Well, within the same system, you can easily upload 360 images that are made by the architect or 3D visualisation firm. It's just drag and drop, and because of how the Prompto platform works, you can even ask them to do it for you as a virtual "photographer"*.

But won't that cost me a lot of money, creating these CG images? Well, actually if you have 3D models of your project already, these firms can quickly render them for you. Professional visualisation firms work out the building sites entirely in 3D and can create these images very fast. The cost will depend on the firm you are working with, but if you are not happy with the prices you get, contact Prompto. We can help you get going. (see the Prompto Content below)

Start today

* (A "photographer" is a user role with limited functionalities in the management portal, they will only be
able to access that one specific project for you)

Prompto Showcase

If you want to tell a complete story to your customer you might want to look at the Prompto showcase module. Created especially for the sales on the road that want to leave a great impression with their customers, it is also shareable with your customers.
Create a dedicated link for each customer where they can scroll through images, videos and documents and even walk through their apartments without leaving their home.

The Showcase might look like a beautiful presentation of your project, but there is power behind its beauty. Everything is linked to a central database where you keep all documents and images of your project, and therefore the presentation is always up to date and gives you access to powerful features.

  • Statistics: See how many times your project has been viewed and from where. So if you send it to a customer, you know when they opened it, giving you an insight if they are interested or not.
  • Units: If you are looking for a central way to show if a unit is in option, sold or still free, look no further. The unit view is integrated into the whole presentation and can be augmented with virtual tours of the unit, virtual reality walkthroughs and other content.
  • Map with relevant data: Location is everything, so why not show the surrounding place with all interesting hotspots? The map view will give your customer a clear picture of where the project is built.

And the best thing is: the whole platform can be filled up with data you get from anywhere. So if you already have images, videos or virtual tours,… just add it to the platform and you are good to go.

The Prompto Showcase will ensure this is THE only place you ever need to share all your content with your customer and your sales team (internal and external)!

And if you still have to create all your images and other content, you can start looking at the Prompto content part 👇 👇

Prompto Content

So you are not sure where to get the best images, you are tired of going back and forth requesting prices only to be answered that they first need the project plans before they can give you a quote?
Well, that can change today, with Prompto content we have fixed prices, prices that do not vary depending on project size or location. We only deliver the very best images that will impact your sales process.

Go one step further.

Since the Prompto team exists of both software developers and artists, we truly married technology and arts. So if you want a high tech virtual reality presentation, or you want to walk through an apartment online, count on us.

With the tools developed at Prompto, we can go one step beyond the competition without breaking the bank. We believe that easy to use technology should be applied in every sales conversation to support and enhance their performance.

With these tools, available at your fingertips, you will make your sales team smarter.

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