Hi! Last week we briefly showed you an update on our improved 360° tours from Prompto & a quick summary of how to share them on your website. The power of Prompto comes from its real-time environment which allows you to create unlimited of these tours. So if you’re looking to boost your marketing or looking for an after-care package to send to your client after a personal visit, 360° is your go-to.

But what happens after? That’s where our Prompto Lead Generation analytics come in.

What’s this feature about?

The Lead Generation analytics on the Prompto 360° portal provides a seamless analytics dashboard focused on understanding and connecting with your potential leads. We understand this is one of the cornerstones of modern sales & marketing, which is why we’ve focused our efforts on a few simple mechanisms that will enable you to do just this.

Once you’ve got your tour shared on your website, listing site, or you’ve shared the URL with a client, the dashboard lets you track all views & clickthroughs. You’ll see the location (city) where your leads are clicking from & how well they are engaging with each spot in the property. As well as the total view time your property is racking up, you’ll also get an insight into how many people are returning to your website for another look.

So what if we want to get to know our leads some more?

Because of privacy (GDPR) reasons, we can’t show much more straight out of the box, so that’s why we’ve created the mail-wall. This is an integrated email & consent form available for every tour. Just enable it in the settings. Using it will open up the ‘leads’ section in the portal which allows individual lead tracking and analysis.


Prompto Lead Generation mail-wall functionality

Another way for your visitors to start connecting is the integrated chat system found on every tour. If you enable this, every potential lead that leaves their contact details can have a direct line with one of your salespeople. We’ll always send a little update to your email inbox so you don’t miss any clients contacting you, or you could use the ‘chat’ section in the portal to keep track of what’s going on there.
Needless to say, having correct contact details continuously delivered to your doorstep is a great way to feed that sales funnel.


Prompto Lead Generation chat section

That’s it for today. We hope you found some interesting things.
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Kim, for the Prompto.com team